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Bring your vision to life with Scandinavia’s top TV/video crews.  Looking for just one (DOP)/cameraman or a complete TV crew, we’re here to help you.  From complete TV crews with top-notch DOPs, producers, fixers, audio technicians, journalists, interviewers, video editors, streaming technicians and gaffers, we have you covered with the best in the industry. As Scandinavia’s  top English first language crews, we cater to both international and local clients, providing top-quality service and equipment at competitive rates.  We’re based in Stockholm the beautiful capitol city of Sweden and travel globally for our clients.  We offer all popular digital formats, including 6K, 4K, HD, and DSLR, and cover Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and all parts of Europe. Book us 24/7, and get the most experienced crews in Scandinavia. Contact us today for a free quote.

LiveU Broadcast live from any location with ease with our new LiveU. The most powerful small-sized portable transmission solution for broadcast operations and live coverage on-the-go. Providing reliable 4K 10-bit HDR broadcast-grade video over 4G/5G and other cellular/IP networks at a fraction of the cost.

Try remote live filming: We offer you live through the camera “director” view streamed directly to you anyplace on the planet, its very affordable!  

Fixers & Location Scouts:  Why bother with the headaches when our fantastic fixer or location scout can do the local legwork for you with our vast local knowledge and contacts. We could easily save you money. 

Owner Scott Lakey is an American DOP/Producer (Lighting cameraman) who landed in Stockholm, Sweden some 20 years ago. After 4 years in Hollywood Scott came to Sweden on a movie production, fell in love with the country and the people and decided to remain. Scott Lakey is a graduate of Ohio State University holding a degree in Industrial Design Visual Communications with an emphasis on film.

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