Medical TV, Swedish Video

Crew TV is Scandinavia’s favorite production service located in Stockholm, Sweden. Scandinavia’s native English first language crews. We cater to international and local clients offering top quality service, Scandinavia’s best crews and top equipment at competitive reasonable rates. 24 hour booking. Scandinavia’s most experienced TV crews and personnel. We offer HD, 4K video, DSLR, FTP, live streaming service and Drones. Worldwide service. Contact us for a free quote.

Covid safe remote live filming: We can now offer you (live directors view) through the camera remote views streamed directly to you anyplace on the planet and on any device connected to the internet.  That saves you the time, expense and worry of travel just now during uncertain times.  You can easily conduct your interviews live as well so you never loose that control or contact with your clients or interviewees. We of course record in any popular format you choose and FTP the files back to you after the shoot.

Owner: Scott Lakey is an American Lighting cameraman/Producer who landed in Stockholm, Sweden some 20 years ago. After 4 years in Hollywood Scott came to Sweden on a movie production, fell in love with the country and the people and decided to remain. Scott Lakey is a graduate of Ohio State University holding a degree in Industrial Design Visual Communications with an emphasis on film and photography.

Personnel: We offer Scandinavia’s top professional producers, journalists, fixers, editors, streaming technicians, researchers available. They are the best tested professionals in Europe so you don’t have to take a chance.


Production pictures from present and past