Cameras: Sony’s most popular professional camera formats: Sony FS7, Sony A7Siii, XDCAM 800, EX3, DJI Ronin RS-2 Gimbal, Drones, Steadicam lightweight and versatile Minity. (Mini Trinity, Super cool gimbal and Steadicam combination)… Were constantly updating our arsenal of top professional cameras. All cameras do both NTSC and PAL.

Drones: DJI latest Drones the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro the most portable professional drones on the market. Swedish licensed and insured.

LIVE STREAMING: ATEM Mini Pro, 4 channel live streaming mixer.

GOPROS: The latest GoPros with various mounts, car, bike, helmet, Underwater.
Lenses: Sony and Canons best broadcast lenses / primes and zooms
Lights: LED Panels, ARRI lights, Dedo lights, Chimeras, Filters and Gels
Sound: Complete sound packages with 3 and 10 channel timecode recording mixers. Sony, DPA and Sennheiser wireless mics, cabled mics and Sound Devices Mixers
Tripods: Sattler’s best
Dolly: Hollywood Micro Dolly (2 minute-setup and 9 meters of track)
Steadicam: Steadicam Flyer for modern lighter video cameras
Teleprompter: Quick set up for the perfect sound bite.
Editing: Portable laptop editing kits with the industry’s most popular editing software
Crew Jeep:  You will ride comfortably and safely in our new 4X4 crew SUV.

Our camera gear is the most modern gear available always and what we don’t own we can easily hire locally.

Steadicam: Operator with 19 years of Steadicam experience.

We have taught many of the Steadicam courses held in Scandinavia. We shoot movies, music videos, commercials, documentaries and even shot two seasons of “survivor”